Oxford RAG’s purpose is to inspire students to fundraise for charity and to support student fundraising initiatives. RAG is student-led and responsible for both organising fundraising events, and encouraging student participation in fundraising.

Essentially: Oxford RAG is the hub of fundraising at the University. If you are interested in volunteering, fundraising or being part of a charitable team, this is the place for you. 

Oxford Raise and Give (RAG) is Oxford University Student Union’s student-led fundraising organisation. We are committed to running exciting events and providing unrivalled opportunities, in pursuit of our mission to raise money for our annual charities and to create future leaders of the charity sector.

Our goal is to engage every student at Oxford University through our events, challenges, internships, street collections, casino, ball and more to show them that charitable work is both rewarding and fun! We provide diverse opportunities for students to engage with charitable fundraising, events management, team leadership and more.

RAG is entirely student-led with a committee of over 40 elected and appointed officers with dozens more volunteers, with a range of entry points from absolutely no experience needed to skilled roles like Design Officer and managerial roles like RAG Ball President.

RAG is fully supported by Oxford SU, with a permanent member of staff dedicated to RAG’s development, access to offices, accountants, graphic designer, communications team, democratic support, operations support and a range of practical services to provide RAG with a strong platform for success.

To find out more about RAG and the work that we do, have a browse on our website.