The RAG Charity Ballot

Each year RAG raises tens of thousands of pounds for its 4 annually selected charities, which are chosen through the RAG Charity Ballot held annual every Hilary (January-March) Term.

How the RAG Charity Ballot works

A nomination form will be circulated in early Hilary Term which will ask the nominating students to outline:

  • The work of their preferred charity
  • How they would benefit from RAG’s support and
  • How the charity can support RAG’s growth and development.

Nominations for charities to be supported by RAG begin in 3rd week of Hilary Term and continue for 2 weeks. When nominations close the RAG Executive Committee convenes to shortlist nominated charities into a maximum of 10 local and 10 national/international charities.

Charities are then notified and given a further 2 weeks to campaign for student votes, which culminates in the RAG Charity Ballot at the end of Hilary Term. The RAG Ballot uses the Single Transferable Vote system, to ensure that the RAG Charity Ballot represents, as best it can, the student population’s charitable aims. 2 Charities for each category will be selected (local and national/international) and are notified in writing of their success in being selected.

Local charities are defined as those based in Oxfordshire and where the majority of their work is conducted in Oxfordshire.

Nominated charities must be registered in the United Kingdom and have a UK bank account.

Charities will be given priority in the shortlisting process if they match some or all of the following criteria:

  1. The charity was founded by Oxford University students and students still retain control
  2. The charity is a branch of a larger charity where Oxford University students have executive control of the branch
  3. The charity is able and willing to support RAG’s work thourgh provision of prizes, promotional material or expertise and training
  4. The charity has been recognised for its cost effectiveness in delivering its work
  5. The charity would particularly benefit from a significant donation
  6. The charity has received multiple nominations

Please note that RAG cannot support individuals or organisations that exist solely or mainly to further religious or political beliefs.

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