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“What’s a pound?” Campaign

With thousands of Oxford students going to College and Society Balls every year, we are trying to find an intersection between our enjoyment and our social responsibility.

We are going to be asking each ball to pledge to add £1 to each ball ticket to go to a charity of their choosing – with minimal effort Oxford Balls have the potential to raise huge amounts!

We think it would be great if Balls gave the vast amounts of money raised to homeless charities in Oxford as it seems to grant recognition to the contrast of the privilege of a ball and their difficult situations.

However, we have a number of Pledge Packages that they can get involved with to ensure each Ball is able to personalise their own What’s a Pound? experience.

Take a look at our Facebook page to stay up to date with which Ball’s have pledged so far.

If you want to get involved as a member of a ball committee or to help with the campaign, please get in touch!! This can be done either through contacting the Facebook page OR by emailing

Specifically for Ball Committees, look at the Manifesto Letter to understand the full details of how you could be part of this amazing scheme.

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