Oxford Raise and Give (RAG) Events

We run the best events in Oxford

and it’s all for charity!

Who are RAG’s Events for?

Absolutely everyone! RAG runs a Ball, burrito eating contests, black-tie formals,  club nights, a university-wide blind date, bungee jumps, absurd milkshake giveaways, and pretty much anything else you can think of. From first year undergrads to final year DPhils, from thrill seekers to burrito-destroyers: if you’re interested in charity/getting stuck in with these events we want to hear from you.

Our events raise money for our four annually selected charities, who carry out fantastic work from Oxford to around the globe. All of our work running Oxford’s best events and challenges is focused on raising money for our four charities and creating the next generation of leaders in the Charity Sector.

How Can I Get Involved?

RAG welcomes anyone into the team who’s enthusiastic about raising money for charity and running great events. There are loads of ways to Join Us but the simplest is to join an events team. As an Events Officer you’ll be part of a small team running an event during term time, looked after by an Event Leader and the RAG Vice President for Events, as well as the entire RAG Family to lend their support. The Events Officer position is relatively flexible and isn’t a huge commitment, as preparations are only usually a term in advance, so it’s a great way to find out if you want to join RAG as an elected officer, or one of our appointed officers like the leaders of the RAG Ball, RAG Casino, Jailbreak or Lost! If you’re interested, give the Rag VP for Events a shout below. 

There is varying levels of committment in RAG -so whether you want to make charity your thing at Oxford, or maybe can offer an hour or so a week, we have positions for you!

Contact the RAG Vice President for Events

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